Can Sports Betting Make You Rich

Yes. Sports betting can make you rich if you understand the game well, perform statistical analysis, and use evidence-based strategies. Successful and rich bettors like Tony Bloom and Bill Benter rely on statistics and algorithmic methods to win more money. But betting and gambling are high risk and require patience, luck, discipline, and skill. Read this post to learn more about sports betting and wealth generation.
Can Sports Betting Make You Rich

How Much Money Can You Make Betting on Sports

Several factors determine the amount of money you can make from sports betting. These include your bankroll, Kelly multiplier, expected value, and the number of bets per day, week, or month.

You have €15,000 betting bankroll, and each bet’s expected value is +3%. Likewise, you use a 0.6 Kelly multiplier and place at least six bets per day. So, you can make €600 per month.

Remember, this is just an estimation based on my research and experience. Your actual earnings may differ.

But you can make €1500 to €2000 per month if you avoid betting blindly and follow a more S.M.A.R.T approach.

Who are the Richest Sports Bettors

Bettor Winnings Per Year Sports
Bill Benter $1 Billion (Total Winnings) Horse Racing
Zeljko Ranogajec $1 billion Horse Racing and Keno Jackpots
Tony Bloom £1 million Football
James Holzhauer $2.4 million per 32 games Multiple Sports

Holzhauer made $2.4 million in 32 games using simple stats, probabilities, and expected value. Holzhauer didn’t change his strategy throughout his life, which makes him one of the most successful and richest sports bettors.

Moreover, Benter is a successful sports bettor with millions in bank accounts. He developed an algorithm in the 1980s that proved successful in beating Hong Kong Horse Racing.

As you can see, every successful bettor has a unique strategy – so you must not play blind and develop your own technique by learning, experimenting, and collecting data.

What Sport Betting Makes The Most Money

Can Sports Betting Make You Rich

Research shows that sports that make the most money based on Returns on Investments (ROIs) are:

Sport Optimal ROI Score
College Football 92.97%
NFL 46.2%
College Basketball 33.96%
NHL 13.97%
NBA 10.82%
MLB 10.09%

However, most people bet on football/soccer, horse racing, tennis, golf, NFL, boxing, and basketball. These sports bring in the most money to bookies and bettors.

Can You Make Money Value Betting

Yes, value betting is a good way to make money in sports. Bets usually have higher chances of winning than implied by odds. But making money value betting depends on various factors:

  • Bankroll
  • Risk Management
  • Strategy
  • Discipline
  • Success rate

I placed a bet on an ice hockey match between the Bosten Bruins and New York Rangers. Bookmakers gave 2.50 odds for a Rangers win, indicating a 40% probability of winning.

However, I didn’t agree with the odds provided by the bookies. I did my own research, performed statistical analysis, and estimated a 50% chance of winning for Rangers.

Here, the value lies between 40% and 50% discrepancy. So, I placed a bet on the Rangers. The team won and made my value bet successful.

The trick is to find a discrepancy between the odds of bookmakers and your research/analysis.

Value betting does not always guarantee a win, but this technique has been the most profitable for the last few years. But I also focus on the right strategy and discipline.

What Bets are Most Successful

Moneyline, point spread, and over/under bets are the most successful types of bets. But again, I must say success depends on your knowledge, research, analysis, strategy, and understanding of the sport.

Some online casinos without Swedish license have excellent sportsbooks and esports betting facilities, allowing new and experienced bettors equal opportunities to bet on their favorite sports, leagues, or tournaments and win big.

Moneyline Betting

My cousin asked me who I thought would win the soccer game between Sweden and France. I picked France because I felt they had better chances. And France won the game!

So, moneyline betting is actually when you say something like, “I bet my team will win.” And if it does, you win, and you will be happy because you guessed right.

For instance, in a baseball game, the Yankees are -150 favorites against the Red Sox.

Red Sox is +130 underdogs. So, if you bet €150 on the Yankees and the team wins, you will win €100. Likewise, if you bet €100 on the Red Sox and the team wins, you will make €130.

Point Spread Betting

Point Spread is another type of successful betting in sports. It evens out the winning chances between two teams that do not have equal or matched chances of winning.

For example, there is a soccer match between Serbia and Brazil. We all know Serbia is the underdog in this match, but we still give this team a virtual lead before the game starts.

Let me simplify Point Spread betting in sports:

Betting Favorite (-) Underdog (+) Outcome
Point Spread Must win by more than the spread number Must win or lose by less than the spread number Determines bet result
Covering the Spread If wins by the spread number, it’s a tie (push) If loses by the spread number, it’s a tie (push) Bet is returned

If the spread is -2.5, the team must win by at least 3 goals. On the other hand, if the spread is +2.5, the team can lose by up to 2 goals.

Over and Under Betting

Can Sports Betting Make You Rich

Let’s say bookies have set the over/under bet at 5.5 goals in a hockey match. Betting on “over” means winning if your favorite team scores 6 or more goals.

However, if you bet on the under, you will win if the team scores 5 or less than 5 goals. Remember, over- and under-betting can make you rich if you understand the sport, come up with good strategies based on statistics, and be a bit lucky!

How Can I Bet Without Losing

First of all, successful bettors recommend matched betting. It is the easiest and safest method because it covers both outcomes of the game. I suggest finding odds pairs with less than 1% loss.

In addition, you must follow trustworthy professionals in the betting market for expert insights. Don’t ignore the significance of statistical data analysis because it helps you make informed decisions based on historical performance.

Moreover, master the “staking strategy” to manage your bets wisely. Don’t bet on too many sports at a time. Instead, focus on a single sport, become an expert by delving deep into all aspects of that sport, and increase your chances of winning. Other things to keep in mind are:

  • Multiple accounts with different bookmakers
  • Bet a fixed percentage of your bankroll on each wager
  • Avoid longshots because they have lower winning probabilities despite high odds
  • Leverage free bets and deposit matches offered by bookmakers and online MGA casinos with sportsbook

Final Words About Getting Rich Through Sports Betting

Sports betting can make you rich if you play responsibly and approach each bet with caution within your budget. Always conduct thorough research, collect historical data, analyze it through popular tools, and develop your strategy before placing bets. Sometimes, rely on your gut feelings!


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