How Much Casino Dealer Make

A casino dealer in the U.S makes an average of $19.22 per hour with approximately $200 in tips per day. Casino dealers receive other financial benefits, such as health insurance, 401(k), and paid time off. About 64% of casino dealers are satisfied with their salaries and financial compensation. Let's delve into the details of how much a casino dealer makes. Read on!
How Much Casino Dealer Make

Average Salary Ranges for Casino Dealers

How much do entry-level, mid-level, and high-level casino dealers make? Here is the answer:

Experience Level Average Salary Range
Entry-level $20,000 to $30,000
Mid-level $41,000 $53,000
High-level Up to $430,655

These are the average salaries of dealers working in land-based casinos. Online casino dealers earn slightly less than their counterparts in land-based casinos. According to Zip Recruiter, an online casino dealer in the U.S makes $18.38 per hour. The range varies as some dealers earn as low as $8.65 per hour while others earn up to $42.07 per hour.

How Much Casino Dealer Make

Factors Influencing Casino Dealer Salaries

Several factors impact the salaries of a casino dealer. These include:

  • The casino’s location
  • Type of casino, such as land-based or online casino
  • The dealer’s experience and skill level

Tips can significantly alter the salary amount. More tips mean an increased salary.

Location of the Casino

How Much Casino Dealer Make

Casinos in large cities and tourist destinations offer higher salaries due to increased demand and cost of living. However, if a dealer works in a smaller establishment, he/she will get a lower salary than those working in popular casinos or high-end resorts. On the other hand, online casinos with U.K. licenses may offer higher wagers than MGA casinos.

Type of Casino

Dealers working in a physical casino frequently interact with players. So, this creates more opportunities for them to make more substantial tip income. Nonetheless, enthusiasts playing in online casinos licensed by Malta, Curacao, or Ontario also give tips to dealers. Experts think that this is due to the rising popularity of online casinos. Likewise, reviews show that online casinos have thousands of games and betting options, allowing them to retain more players.

Experience and Skill Level

It is not rocket science! The more experienced a dealer is, the higher the salary he/she receives. The reason is that professional and skilled dealers have expertise in multiple games and sports betting. Likewise, they can work in high-stakes areas and have refined skills in customer service. So this leads to higher salaries and increased income through tips.

Additional Earning Opportunities for Casino Dealers

How Much Casino Dealer Make

As a dealer, you can earn more through tips and gratuities. Every casino has its own tipping policy; some even allow dealers to “keep their own tips (KYO).” In addition, some platforms have a tip pooling system to share tips among employees. Some casinos also offer bonuses to dealers. These may include:

  • Signup bonuses for new employees
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Loyalty programs

Casinos implement incentive programs to boost their employees’ morale. Online casinos provide promotional offers that indirectly benefit dealers and players by increasing playtime and potential tips.

Final Thoughts on Casino Dealers’ Earnings

Various factors influence a casino dealer’s earnings, including location, casino type, and experience. With the potential for substantial tips, bonuses, and other incentives, dealers have opportunities to boost their income beyond base salary ranges.


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