How to Read Win Loss Statement from Casino

A casino win/loss statement summarizes your gambling activity over a specific period. It typically includes your total money put into machines or games (coin-in) and the money you cashed out (coin-out). It also consists of the difference: your net win or loss. Some statements may also separately show an estimated win/loss for slots and table games. Negative numbers usually denote losses, while positive ones indicate winnings.
How to Read Win Loss Statement from Casino

Sample Casino Win/Loss Statement

Player: Anton Olsonn

Player ID: 123456

Period: January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023

Section Slots Table Games Total
Coin-In $5,000.00 $2,000.00 $7,000.00
Coin-Out $4,500.00 $2,300.00 $6,800.00
Net Win/Loss -$500.00 $300.00 -$200.00
Estimated Win/Loss -$600.00 $250.00 -$350.00
Jackpots Won $100.00 N/A $100.00
Promotional Credits Earned $50.00 $50.00 $100.00

Most Played Games: Slots (Wheel of Fortune, Cleopatra), Table Games (Blackjack, Roulette)

Average Bet: Slots ($1.00), Table Games ($25.00)

Dates of Play: Various dates throughout the year

Understand the Key Terms

How to Read Win Loss Statement from Casino

It is important to understand certain terms before you read the win-loss statement from an online casino with no Swedish license. These include:

  • Coin-in
  • Coin-out
  • Net win-loss
  • Estimated win-loss


Coin-in is the total amount you put into play at the casino. For slot machines, it is the money you feed into the machine or use to buy credits. For table games, such as poker, it is the value of the chips you purchase from the casino.


How to Read Win Loss Statement from Casino

Coin-out refers to your winnings that you redeem for cash. In slots, you cash out your winnings from the machine. At table games, you exchange your chips for cash at the cashier’s cage. On the other hand, for online slots, you initiate a withdrawal process from your casino account. At live dealer table games, you exchange your virtual chips for cash value within your account, which you can withdraw.

Net Win-Loss

The bottom line is how much you ultimately profited or lost from your betting activity. You can calculate this by subtracting your coin-out from your coin-in. If the result is negative, you lose money overall. If it is positive, you come out ahead.

Estimated Win-Loss

Casinos often provide an estimate of how much you won or lost on specific types of games. The casino calculates this based on factors like the average house edge (the casino’s built-in advantage) for each game and the time you spend playing. Win/loss statements can contain various additional details, such as:

  • Date/Time of Play
  • Game Types Played
  • Promotional Credits Earned
  • Jackpots Won
  • Average Bet

Steps to Read a Win/Loss Statement

Here are the steps to read a win/loss statement:

  1. Identify the time period
  2. Examine coin-in and coin-out
  3. Calculate net win/loss

Identify the Time Period

Win/loss statements typically cover a specific period, such as a day, week, month, or year. Most win/loss statements will clearly display the dates covered at the top. If you cannot find the time period on your statement, don’t hesitate to contact the casino directly. Knowing the time period allows you to compare your results over different periods and track your overall progress.

Examine coin-in and coin-out

How to Read Win Loss Statement from Casino

The heart of your win/loss statement lies in two key figures: coin-in and coin-out. These numbers reveal the raw financial data behind your gambling activity, offering valuable insights into your spending and winnings.

These figures are usually prominently displayed on your win/loss statement. Look for sections labeled “Coin-In” and “Coin-Out” or similar terms. They might be listed separately for slots and table games or combined into a total amount. Here are some tips to examine coin-in and coin-out when reading win/loss statements from casinos.

  • Compare your coin-in and coin-out to determine your net win/loss.
  • Analyze your coin-in and coin-out over different time periods to identify trends and patterns.
  • Use your coin-in data to set realistic gambling budgets and stick to them

Calculate Net Win/Loss

Determining your net win/loss at the casino is a straightforward calculation that reveals the financial outcome of your gambling activities. It is the difference between the money you put in (coin-in) and the money you take out (coin-out).

Net Win/Loss = Coin-Out – Coin-In

Let’s say your win/loss statement shows the following:

  • Coin-In: $1,000
  • Coin-Out: $800

To calculate your net win/loss, you would subtract the coin-out from the coin-in:

Net Win/Loss = $800 – $1,000 = -$200

In this example, you have a net loss of $200, indicating that you lost $200 overall during your gambling activities. Why Calculate Your Net Win/Loss? Here are the reasons:

  • Track Performance
  • Set Budgets
  • Responsible Gambling
  • Tax Purposes

Final Thoughts on Reading Win Loss Statement from Casino

A casino win/loss statement offers a clear snapshot of your gambling activity. Understanding how to read it empowers you to track your spending, winnings, and overall profitability. By analyzing coin-in, coin-out, and net win/loss, you can make better decisions, set realistic budgets, and gamble responsibly.


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