What are the Different Types of Poker

Poker has many thrilling variations to choose from. Texas Hold'em is the most popular choice. Omaha is known for its potential for strong hands, while Seven-Card Stud remains a classic. For a lowball challenge, try 2-7 Triple Draw or Razz. If you want a mix of games, HORSE has you covered. Chinese poker offers a unique 13-card format, and Kuhn poker is a simple model for studying poker strategy.
what are the different types of poker

Different Types of Poker

Poker has different variations to play in an online casino without a Swedish license. But some of the most popular ones compared in the following table are:

Type Hole Cards Community Cards Betting Rounds Main Objective Unique Aspect
Texas Hold ’em 2 5 (shared) 4 Best 5-card hand Popular & widely played
Omaha 4 5 (shared) 4 Best 5-card hand You must use exactly 2 hole cards
Seven Card Stud 3 face down, 4 face-up None (individual) 5 Best 5-card hand No community cards, high variance
Draw Poker 5 None (individual) 2 Best 5-card hand Players can replace cards
Razz 5 None (individual) 5 Lowest 5-card hand Lowball version of Stud
Chinese Poker 13 None (individual) N/A Various (special rules) Multiple hands, special points system

Texas Hold’em

what are the different types of poker

Texas Hold’em is a type of poker where you try to make the strongest hand possible. You get two cards only you can see, and five more cards are placed face-up on the table for everyone to use. The game has four rounds: you bet before any shared cards are shown, then again after three, then after one more, and finally after the last card. During each round, you can bet, pass on betting, increase your bet, or quit the hand.


Omaha poker is a bit different from Texas Hold’em. You get four cards instead of two, but you can only use two of your cards and three from the middle to win. To play Omaha well, start by choosing your hands wisely. If you have a strong hand, bet to make the most of it. If your hand is weak, don’t throw good money after bad. Omaha poker is about understanding which starting hands are likely to win and how to bet to get the most value.

Seven Card Stud

Seven Card Stud is a different kind of poker where you get seven cards total – some you see, some you don’t. You need the best five-card hand to win. The game involves a small starting bet, and one player forced to make a bigger one.

Each player gets more cards with betting after each one. To do well, start with good cards you can build on. Keep an eye on what other players are showing. Fold quickly if your hand looks bad. Knowing when to stay in the hand and when to get out is the trick.

Draw Poker

what are the different types of poker

Draw Poker is all about improving your hand. You start with five cards and bet on how good they are. Then, you can ditch some cards and get new ones, hoping for a better combination. After that, you bet again. Whoever has the strongest hand after everyone’s done swapping cards wins.

To succeed, know which cards to keep and which to toss. Pay attention to how other players bet to guess what hands they might have. Sometimes, you can even trick people into folding with a weak hand by betting big, and that’s called bluffing.


Razz poker turns poker upside-down. Instead of aiming for the highest hand, you want the lowest. You will get seven cards, but only the worst five count: aces are low, and straights and flushes don’t hurt you. The worst possible hand wins the whole pot.

Chinese Poker

what are the different types of poker

In Chinese poker, you get 13 cards and build three separate hands: a small one with 3 cards in front, a medium one with 5 cards in the middle, and a big one with 5 cards in the back. The catch? The middle hand has to be stronger than the front, and the big one must be the strongest. Everyone reveals their hands at the same time, and you win points based on who has the better hand in each section.

Final Words About Poker Types

As we have seen, poker is not just a game but a spectrum of strategies and skills across various formats. From the strategic depths of Texas Hold ’em to the high-stakes drama of Omaha and the classic challenge of Seven Card Stud, each variation offers a unique experience.


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