What is Proxy Betting?

Proxy betting is when someone places a bet on your behalf, often to bypass restrictions or access better odds. It is a controversial practice with legal and ethical implications, but professional bettors also use it for strategic advantage. Let's get into the details of proxy betting.
What is Proxy Betting?

Proxy Betting vs. Traditional Betting

The following table differentiates proxy betting from traditional betting.

Feature Proxy Betting Traditional Betting
Accessibility It can bypass restrictions (age, location) Limited by your circumstances
Anonymity Higher (your name isn’t directly on the bet) Lower (you place the bet yourself)
Convenience Varies (depends on finding a reliable proxy) Usually more convenient, especially online
Risk Higher (potential for scams, loss of control) Lower gambling risks
Cost Usually involves a fee for the proxy’s service There are no additional fees beyond the bet itself
Legality Varies greatly by location and type of bet Generally more regulated and straightforward

What is Proxy Betting?

Why Do Gamblers Use Proxy Betting?

Proxy betting is not just about convenience; it is a strategic tool many gamblers use. For some, it is a way to bypass restrictions in MGA or Curacao casinos. Likewise, it is good for underage gamblers and people who live in a region with limited betting options.

Others use proxies to gain an edge, accessing exclusive odds or promotions not offered to the general public. For instance, a proxy bettor might have access to a VIP betting platform in a different country that offers higher payouts or special bonuses unavailable to regular users.

High Rollers Frequently Use Proxy

High rollers value discretion for a variety of reasons. Their large bets can significantly influence betting markets and odds. Using a proxy, they can keep their intentions hidden, preventing the market from reacting to their wagers.

In addition, high rollers often prefer to maintain a low profile, avoiding the unwanted attention that comes with publicly placing huge sums of money on the line. Some may have security concerns or prefer to keep their financial activities private.

Moreover, Proxy betting allows high rollers to place substantial bets discreetly because the proxy, not the high roller, appears as the bettor. It means the high roller’s identity remains hidden, and the bet does not raise any red flags.

Is Proxy Betting Legal?

What is Proxy Betting?

Proxy betting, which involves one person placing a wager on behalf of another who is not present, is generally considered illegal in most jurisdictions. Several factors contribute to the illegality of proxy betting:

  • Money Laundering Concerns
  • Underage Gambling
  • Disputes and Fraud

Some regulated sports betting markets might have unclear laws or lack specific regulations on proxy betting, creating a possibility that proxy betting could be allowed in certain situations. However, this area is very risky. Even in places where sports betting is legal, placing a bet for someone not permitted to gamble is strictly prohibited.

What About Proxy Betting in Online Casinos?

What is Proxy Betting?

Proxy betting in online casinos raises similar legal concerns as proxy betting in traditional settings. While the online environment might offer more privacy, it does not change the nature of the act, which can still involve money laundering, underage gambling, and consumer protection issues.

Operators verify the identity of players to prevent underage gambling and fraud in countries where online gambling and betting are legal. Moreover, some specific issues with proxy betting in online casinos include:

  • Geolocation Restrictions
  • Bonus Abuse
  • Compromise the security of a player’s online account.

How Do Gamblers Access Proxy Services?

Many online services sell proxy servers specifically designed for betting. These providers often offer servers in various countries, allowing users to choose a location where online gambling is legal or where the betting site they want to access is not blocked.

Some websites offer free proxy servers, but these often have limitations, such as slower speeds, less security, or unreliable connections. Moreover, free proxies may be blacklisted by certain betting sites.

Technically, expert bettors can set up their own proxy server using specialized software or hardware. However, this requires a certain amount of technical expertise and is not a feasible option for most gamblers.

I won’t mention any services here because I believe proxy betting is not an ethical practice.

Final Words About Proxy Betting

Proxy betting offers privacy and convenience but has some legal risks and may lead to scams. Although it is a good tool for professional gamblers to maintain their privacy, ethical concerns and misuse of it remain significant. I encourage gamblers to avoid proxy betting regarding legal and ethical risks.


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